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Sustainably Beautiful

Beauty without sustainability is deeply irresponsible.  Sustainability without beauty is not architecture.  We assist our clients in site selection to help find locations that best suite their overall lifestyle goals.  We encourage locations that minimize the need to drive to daily work and resources.  We study siting of the dwelling to allow proper solar orientation and minimize the structures’ impact  on the immediate and surrounding ecosystem.  We design and specify building envelope assemblies which create maximum thermal isolation, thereby minimizing the structures’ external energy demands.


Modern… Not Contemporary.

We design built environments which carefully avoid being conTEMPORARY.  We work with both Owner and Contractor to select assemblies, materials and details which will age with durability and dignity. It’s not about a great image for our portfolio — it’s about great spaces that enhance and endure your daily life.


Many Voices… Singular Vision

We work as a team with the client and building contractor to understand the possibilities and limitations of each portion of a project, including materials, assemblies, budget and schedule. We understand the realization of a successful project to be an interwoven collaboration of client, designer, and craftsman.