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Cedar Lodge

Type: Remodel
Size: Size: 1,500 sqft
Location: Prairie Village, Kansas
General Contractor: Faust Construction
Custom Millwork: Bootlace Design Build


The master bathroom of this fantastic Leawood contemporary home is now fully up to speed with our earlier renovation work. As always, the teams from Faust Construction and Bootlace Design did a fantastic job of making our vision a reality.

Client comments…

“We started working with Bill before we even purchased a home to renovate. My wife met him when she worked for a local PR firm, and we both really loved his portfolio. Bill came house shopping with us so he could give us an idea of the potential of each house, and it was Bill who first found the listing for what is now our home, and suggested we take a look.

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It’s a great, funky house from the 1970s that still oozed 70s… it had remained untouched and a bit uncared for for decades. For the past two years we’ve been renovating the home in phases, and are approximately 2/3 of the way through everything we set out to do. Perhaps the best praise I can give Bill Poole is to state simply that we have continued to use him in each phase of this renovation and have every intention of using him in future phases.

His portfolio speaks for itself: Bill comes up with beautiful, elegant designs and finishes. But perhaps as importantly, he is a great team member beyond the initial design phase.

Bill works closely with the GC, and keeps a close eye on the project to make sure it heads in the right direction. Bill communicates regularly and proactively… we’ve always felt in the loop. We have fairly hectic lives and schedules, and he always does a great job of using in person meetings, phone calls, emails, texts as needed to keep up with us.

Bill’s hours/fees are very reasonable, and his billing practices are transparent.

Bill has been very involved in just about every part of our home renovation. In addition to helping us pick the home in the first place, he designed almost every aspect of our kitchen, living room, deck, and courtyard including not only structural design, but layout, materials and finishes. He even sends us furniture and art he comes across that he knows lines up with our tastes and home, and he once came over and helped me plant some trees we both thought would look nice in our yard.

That said, my wife and I are very opinionated about design elements, and Bill has done a solid job taking our opinions and preferences in to his designs and finishes. So, if you want in-depth design he’s great, if you want to be heavily involved in picking materials and finishes he’s very accommodating.

Again, we have already used him through several phases and intend to keep using him. To my way of thinking that is the highest praise I can give.