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Modern Americana

Type: New Construction
Size: Size: 10,000 sqft
Location: Kansas City, Missouri


This new home, located just south of the Country Club Plaza, near historic Loose Park, is now complete.

The form of the house interprets the prototypical American houses found in the paintings of Edward Hopper, while being very distinctly modern in detail.

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Traditional suburban site planning was deliberately rejected, with the primary wing of the house sitting perpendicular to the street and the pool situated in the front yard. The stone plinth of that front courtyard, along with integrated landscaping, allows this non-traditional organization to function with practicality and privacy.

Sustainability considerations include selecting a lot close to the owners’ place of business as well as one in an established neighborhood with existing infrastructure; geothermal wells for assistance with heating and cooling; radiant barrier roof decking; super-insulated skin (Icynene + exterior rigid foam); high performance glazing; and selection of landscape species based on minimal maintenance and water usage.

Client Comments: 

“Bill Poole is a highly skilled designer, specializing in modern design as that is what my husband and I are most familiar with as he designed 2 modern homes for us. His strengths are his attention to detail, his creativity and his determined attitude in striving for the best. We would describe Bill as an artist as well as an architect (a unique and valuable combination).

Bill has a high degree of technical knowledge and was easy to work with. He is honest and ethical. He never missed a deadline and his fees were reasonable.

We would recommend Bill highly.”