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WestSide Modern

Type: New Single Family Residence
Size: Size: 3,000 sqft
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
General Contractor: Jamie Jeffries Construction
Structural Engineer: Bob D. Campbell


Construction on this compact gem in Kansas City’s historic Westside is now complete. We were honored and excited to be working in one of the city’s most dynamic neighborhoods, with spectacular homes — both historic and modern — throughout a multicultural district.


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With our clients’ choice to relocate their family into the urban core, shortening their drive to work, and selecting a site that allowed for proper solar orientation and a compact footprint, they did 75% of the work of establishing a truly green residence before they even broke ground! 

Additional sustainability considerations included strategically placed operable ventilation to allow cross breezes; specification of framing dimensions to minimize waste; high performance insulation and glazing; and selection of landscape species based on minimal maintenance and water usage.